WordPress Theme: Steel Theme

♦ The Steel theme is currently still in beta, but I invite anyone willing to download and use it. I have tested the theme a decent amount, but, when needed, I will be very happy to fix any bugs that might pop up. Just get in touch with me. ♦

Steel theme demo here ⇒ Download the beta version of Steel theme here ⇒ Who is this for? Steel theme is designed for people seeking a strong and warmly professional presentation for a business or personal blog.   What functions will it perform for them? Main function: Create a bold and inviting environment to sell services, connect with clients and persuade potential ones. Along with the above, this theme can perform all standard WordPress functions for building a client/subscriber list, hosting content and inviting discussions.   What feel is conveyed? Steel theme focuses on making the user feel they are working sharp people who are kind and competent. Subtle steel textures and slightly engraved lines and text help the page feel solid and well-grounded. The welcome section on each page uses a bit of space and with simple text and an image for an instant greeting with each new page the user loads. Clean lines and crisp corners help page feel decisive and on-point. The stock font helps reaffirm the sense clear thinking and adds a solid modern feel. Throughout the theme very subtle depth is added with careful gradients and minor use of reflected light. this subtle depth makes the display feel more real while maintaining a relatively flat appearance.

↓ Examples of the subtle steel texture used, the clean lines, sharp corners, modern font and slight depth featured in Steel theme.  

How can it be made personal and unique? The WordPress Customizer has been greatly expanded in Steel theme. A full "Design" section provides fine control over many aspects of the look and feel. In addition to the many layout controls in the Design section, there is a unique color palette section that helps the site creator effortlessly stick to a desired palette while promoting a unified, professional look. This color palette system provides an easy method for altering the way the chosen color palette is applied, without disrupting the unified, professional appearance.

↓ Examples of the additions to the WordPress Customizer and page/post editor. ↓

Responsive? Definitely.

↓ Examples of the responsive display of Steel theme on multiple different devices. ↓

Steel theme demo here ⇒  Download the beta version of Steel theme here ⇒