EssenceTheme – Powerful & Elegant WordPress Theme

EssenceTheme is a powerful and elegant theme focused on providing all of the needed functionality, without extra gadgets and filler, plus a wealth of very fine-grain and easy customization tools. All of this is housed in a classy and comfortable design that highlights the content, not the theme. Ultimately, EssenceTheme was designed to stay out of the creator’s way, while providing an assortment of helpful tools to easily showcase any material and reach any audience with both grace and style.

Check out the live demo here.

Here are some of the features:

A Smarter Sidebar

Ever read a webpage that was longer than the sidebar? Many long articles extend past the content in the sidebar leaving boring empty space in the sidebar all of the way to the end of the article. This look quite amateurish and, more importantly, we would lose the opportunity to tempt an uncommitted reader with additional content. With EssenceTheme, we never need to worry about this. When the content in the sidebar runs out and the article continues, EssenceTheme will hold the last sidebar widget on screen. This will remain around the middle of the sidebar keeping it comfortably in reach of wavering eyes while being out of the way of the intent reader.

Jetpack galleries site well and work great in a posts and pages, but often can appear a little off in a sidebar; especially when changing screen sized like, for example, when moving a tablet from portrait to landscape mode. EssenceTheme automates the positioning of Jetpack galleries in the sidebar ensuring they remain centered and looking great no matter the device or screen size.

A More Powerful, Enjoyable and Greatly Expanded Customizer tool

Word Press’ Customizer has come a long way and is a very useful tool. It is still very basic and, to many, neither attractive nor intuitive. EssenceTheme add many new controls to make large-scale changes or just fine-tune small settings. The interface has been reorganized with more sections and new groupings all showcased by an exclusive new pleasant appearance. EssenceTheme’s new Customizer uses color, shape and space to make groupings clear and incorporates extensive written detail right with the Customizer settings. Setting up a website or even just switching themes can seem like a daunting task full of uncertainty and effort. With EssenceTheme is doesn’t need to be.

Of the many special settings added with EssenceTheme, the most important is an exclusive Color Palette tool. It is always best to work with a simple, three to five color palette. EssenceTheme makes it so all we have to do is input those colors and everything automatically works. If we do want to set all of the individual colors separately, we still can. For this, EssenceTheme’s Color Palette will even make our chosen color palette available with each setting. This gives us quick access to the palette without searching through the color picker or typing in color codes each time. In addition, if we want to use a color not in our color palette, no problem: the full color picker is also available with each color setting.

An Elegant Featured Posts Section

Just below the large page title header, is a nice little showcase for up to three important posts that need to be front and center. These could be customer engagement messages, like services and mission statements, or special articles that deserve a little extra attention or even just the latests posts. Any post that gets tagged with the "featured" tag will show up here. To be more specific, this will be the last three posts tagged with "featured". If there are more than three tagged this way, those beyond three will not show up.

The unique footer Photo CTA (Call to Action) tool.

This powerful tool allows us to easily add up to three photos and completely customize the placement, shape and other attributes of each. These can be arranged in a number of patterns to create a unique and attention-grabbing call to action.

This photo call-to-action also includes a text editor that gives us control over both the words and basic formatting of the text. This call could be the contact info, reference to a resource or even just a “Thanks for Visiting”.

Content Background & Color Overlays.

With EssenceTheme, we can not only set the main site background, but also can set the content background. What is more, this content background automatically extends to the background of the top navigation bar creating a consistent appearance. This would usually be a texture, but could be a picture instead. The real useful part of this is that EssenceTheme adds a color overlay to both the main background and the content background. This helps make any image or texture work nicely by allowing us to use a black overlay to dim the image so white or a white overlay to “wash-out” an image; both allowing text to stand out against the image. Another use is to use a colorful overlay, like the “accent” color in the color palette, to make any image have the right color tone to match the color scheme. 

Full Support for Deep Nesting of Menus

EssenceTheme fully supports any number of nested menus with an elegant display of all submenus with a clear, yet simple, display of relationship between parent and child menus. Nested menus might sound like a small thing, but it is common to only support two or three nested menus due to the complexity of handling an unknown number of expanding submenus. Managing the menus on the screen is part of the challenge, but, perhaps more so, is the difficulty of making it clear to the user which child menus belong to which parents. This problem can become more challenging when considering how to display these on phones and tablets. 

Plugin Support and Optimizations

EssenceTheme has been designed and built with the latest WordPress and coding best practices in mind. This ensures it will be fully compatible with any plugin that also follows best practices, and most that do not.

In addition, EssenceTheme includes extended optimized support for:



JetPack (all modules except for Infinite Scroll, for which will be supported in a future version).

How can we make EssenceTheme work for us? It’s easy. 

Download from the link below, Install it using the install steps, open the Customizer and start at the top. Simply look at each setting and description in order and as we work down the list in in each section. The website will come together with each section completed and, by the end, be an amazing, unique and stunning website. 

Go here: ******* URL **********


1. In your admin panel, go to Appearance > Themes and click the Add New button.

2. Click Upload Theme and Choose File, then select the theme's .zip file. Click Install Now.

3. Click Activate to use your new theme right away.

Check out the EssenceTheme live here.