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I am a web dev based in Cleveland, Ohio who is open to moving and remote projects. I work primarily in JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS3 and MySQL, with some experience with REACT and GraphQL. Clean, reliable code, Agile project management, focused work ethic and and good eye for graphic design help me build solid and engaging web apps.

Below are a few samples of my own work and writing on various code-related subjects. Another example of my work is this website you are reading this on. I designed and built on the WordPress framework along with creating all of the visual elements including the images (unless otherwise credited). 

A quick highlight:  I made a complete JavaScript interactive Cheat Sheet that is both a cheat sheet and full learning tool. Toggling between the Learn and Cheat Sheet modes shows or hides detail, making it a great tool for finding quick info and then expanding the detail as needed. 

Similarly, my Interview Questions tool helps simulate a coding interview environment, which over 600 possible coding question randomly chosen and answers timed.  It is filterable, so we can focus on larger algorithm and data-structure questions, or just take light simple answer questions.

In addition, I frequently build little coding projects to explore some new territory or just for fun. Check those out here

Do you need a dedicated and skilled developer for long-term employment or project-based contracts? Yes? Awesome! Hire me by reaching out here.

WordPress Theme Dev Quick Reference

I wanted a document that would keep me from bouncing all over the WordPress Developer site. This list is set up in a basic order for which I, and possibly others, move through creating a theme. I used links instead of functions because there are often multiple parameters and approaches that I did not want…  MORE q

3-way switches part 2 screenshot

Pure CSS Three-Way Switches Part Two

This is an addition to my Pure CSS Three-Way Switches Part 1 post. I needed three-way switches for a survey tool I was building for a site of mine, starwarsrumors.com. These are those three-way switches, but with a different look. Also, check out JavaScript Survey Sample with Pure CSS Three-Way Switches. That add more of a slider…  MORE q

3-way switch project screenshot

Pure CSS Three-Way Switches Part One

I needed three-way switches for a survey tool I was building for a site of mine, starwarsrumors.com. I wanted a certain overall experience with these. Ultimately, three-way switches are a little more involved than a regular switch, and I wanted to have a default center and not allow for them all to be 'off'. The…  MORE q

odd shapes project screenshot

Useful Odd Shapes in Pure CSS

This is what I do on a Friday night for fun. 🙂 Well...sometimes. This is the result of a little free time and a laptop close by. I wanted to see how far I could push CSS parameters to make odd shapes that might help make bland pages feel more interesting and unique. The intent…  MORE q

Dynamically Create a Calandar with JavaScript

This came up in a question posed by my Interview Questions Tool. It sounded easy at first, but there are some considerations that can not be overlooked.First, filling out the months graphically, we need to be able to position each first day of the month after the last day of the previous month. For this…  MORE q

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