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From the beginning of the studio to the big projects and the driving force and focus, it is all below. For studio rates please click HERE. For any additonal questions, please contact me directly using the button at the top of the page or the Contact page.

By: Mike Glass

By: Mike Glass

Universal Records – “Tears for Fears” Album “Everybody Loves a Happy Ending ” Promotion
I produced the audio segments for Universal Records unique promotion of Tears for Fears comeback album. The audio segments were aired nationally on NBC’s “Biggest Looser” show and multiple NFL stadiums during playoff games. The audio segments used voiceover elements along with excerpts from the song “Who Killed Tangerine” to create a rally piece similar to the commonly played “We Will Rock You’ by Queen.

US Government led Middle-Eastern radio project Radio SAWA
I produced News segments, music beds, station ID sounders and audio transitions for Radio Sawa. While the work was similar to radio work here in the States, this project was especially rewarding given the variety of people, the language barrier and major time difference in Dubai, UAE.

South by Southwest Music & Film Festival, Austin, Texas
Creator, Head Showcase Recording

I created and headed of a new branch of the New Media charged with recording, editing and preparing live music showcases for CD and the SXSW website.  Though the environment presented innumerable challenges, we consistently impressed Scott Wilcox, the head of New Media.

Main Focus
While high quality sound and video are a must, creativity and flexibility make up a large part of my core focus. Quite simply, these themes are essential for building an idea into something tremendous.


The platform this studio rests on is a 24-bit, 96khz Nuendo audio system and Adobe Premiere video system. I take on only a small number of projects at a time and use goal-based package prices, not time based. This provides the artist with a relaxed, comfortable, and personal environment. From this, he or she is free to focus on performance, mood, and direction. Post-production is included in the packages and shares the same goal-based structure. This includes special attention needed, like graphics and animation. There are some components, like more involved animations or 3D artwork, that may require an additonal charge, but most will be included. Worrying about money kills the creative process, so this will all be set up ahead of time and there will never be any hidden or sudden charges.


As a young musician I loved the studio experience, but was constantly frustrated by the cheap sounding and weak output of the studios in the area. When I tried to push for more focus on texturing, instrument detail and an overall better process, I realized the studios just didn’t care. If you were willing to pay them a small fortune they would slightly care… but that still came with no garauntee they were capable of anything better. I wanted my band’s CD to sound like the national CD’s I would buy. I was often told it takes a huge expensive studio to get that huge professional sound. Why would this be? The fundimentals of sound creation and capturing are the same, so the difference is in the equipment and treatment. The right equipment takes good research and post-production treatment takes skill and workign through each detail. This all led to me starting a recording business in 2003. This was a small, but powerful, studio directed towards artists rich in talent and dedication, but lacking the financial backing to create a recording worthy of their potential. From demos and albums to DJ samples and voiceovers, audio production grew to include my love of video and photography.

GameDay Battle Sports Webshow
We are currently on a break from the show while I focus on my two new kids. Once William and Juliet are a little more independent, we will be back with a new format and the introduction of a new GDB podcast.


“How We Got Here” Modern Day History Podcast
I am in the very early stages of production of a new podcast series that will focus on how everything that affects our lives; from huge subjects like each of the conflicts in the Middle East all the way down to the small, but facinating story of why we don’t say “Thee” and Thou” anymore. This podcast and accompanying website will, hopefully, be released sometime early in 2016.

Recording, Editing & Graphics Platforms

  • Adobe Premier – video production
  • Nuendo – audio production
  • Adobe After Effects – animation and graphics
  • Sony Vegas – video production
  • Photoshop & Fireworks – graphics


Instruments Available

  • Mesa Boogie Mk3 – multi-channel, dynamic and versatile amp.
  • Les paul – silverburst.
  • Roland XP30 – classic sound with upgrades.
  • Roland D20 – the legendary synth.
  • Fender Bass – tight low end with as much punch as you want plus a fast fretboard.
  • Gretch Drum Set – an original Gretch from many decades ago…still as amazing as ever.

Recording Hardware

  • Grace Pre-amp – Crystal clear Grace perfection.
  • RNC Compressors – audiophiles know the FMR Audio well, and the RNC Compressor that quickly bacame an industry staple.
  • SP C1 Vocal Mic – I simply love this vocal mic for most voices…very much on level with the classic U87, in my experience, but little brighter with special mid-range replication.
  • Sennheiser MD421 – the best tom mike ever that I also like for some voices, 2nd guitar mic and much more. Power, midrancge
  • Photoshop & Fireworks – graphics

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