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Audio and Video Production
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A Little About Me

Hello! I am a very happily married guy with a little boy and a little girl, born about one minute apart, who are continually outstanding at finding new ways to make me a very proud dad. William and Juliet, both of who’s conspicuously large eyes and sweet little smiles are featured throughout my Photography page, were born in March of 2014. Their exploration of their tiny pocket of the world has been more inspiring than I ever imagined; the speed and depth of their awareness exceeds the impact on me of anything I have ever witnessed. I am not saying these two are super kids, but more to relay what I am guessing everyone feels about their kids…ummm…yeah… they are super kids.

I have written all of the above and not yet mentioned the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. This is not an omission of neglect, only that she deserves words not covered up by my blatant super-kid gushing. Being long time friends, I began to realize Diana and her sweet warmth, person-focused eagerness and thirst for excitement must be part of my life forever. We began dating and eighteen months later had a medium-sized wedding that fit our personality mix of modern-excitement-meets-old-fashioned-innocence. The ceremony was at a very quaint two-hundred-year-old preserved village and farm while the reception was a vibrant dance party at a great hotel complete with an after party and a 4 a.m. breakfast trip to a cheap little dinner.

After a few years of enjoying our new life together, Diana and I bought a one-hundred-year-old house that we both loved in a little city that we can’t get enough of: Lakewood, Ohio. We kept our contributions to the aesthetics of the house true to the traditional look and feel, but the third floor has been turned into a modern audio-video studio that allows me to delve into my eclectic interests both professionally and casually.


Professional Skill Set

Below are skills I have professional experience with and a sense of how close I believe I am to a basic mastering of the select skill.

Live On-Air Voice Skills 85%
Audio Production 100%
On-Camera Skills 75%
Video Production 85%
Graphic Layout and Design 80%

Tool-Specific Skill Set

Nuendo 100%
Adobe Premiere 80%
Sony Vegas 100%
Adobe Fireworks and Photoshop 80%
Web Development - HTML CSS Some JS & PHP 50%


Below is a brief overview of where I learned what I know

Universal Records – “Tears for Fears” Album “Everybody Loves a Happy Ending ” Promotion
I produced the audio segments for Universal Records unique promotion of Tears for Fears comeback album. The audio segments were aired nationally on NBC’s “Biggest Looser” show and multiple NFL stadiums during playoff games. The audio segments used voiceover elements along with excerpts from the song “Who Killed Tangerine” to create a rally piece similar to the commonly played “We Will Rock You’ by Queen.

US Government led Middle-Eastern radio project Radio SAWA
I produced News segments, music beds, station ID sounders and audio transitions for Radio Sawa. While the work was similar to radio work here in the States, this project was especially rewarding given the variety of people, the language barrier and major time difference in Dubai, UAE.

South by Southwest Music & Film Festival, Austin, Texas
Creator, Head Showcase Recording

I created and headed of a new branch of the New Media charged with recording, editing and preparing live music showcases for CD and the SXSW website.  Though the environment presented innumerable challenges, we consistently impressed Scott Wilcox, the head of New Media.

Anchor, Writer and Reporter In the very active and fast-paced WAKR newsroom I fill many roles. These roles include News Anchor, Business Anchor, Web Writer/Editor and News Reporter as well as filling in for the morning drive Sports Anchor when needed.


McVay Media, Cleveland, Ohio
Politics Writer During the tumultuous Election 2008 primary season, I began a series of articles detailing each step of the election process. The series was published on McvayMedia.com and served as a guide for broadcasters to gain the in-depth knowledge and deep understanding needed to elevate their on-air political conversation.


WOBL / WDLW, Oberlin, Ohio
Writer and Reporter My daily responsibilities included producing wraps and stories for the afternoon and evening news casts, plus conducting interviews and beat reporting. I have interviewed many politicians and newsmakers, including the Ohio State Attorney General, a US Congresswoman, local lawmakers and heads of industry.


Ohio Centers for Broadcasting, Cleveland, Ohio
Broadcasting Student Though I had been around the Radio business my entire life, I decided to begin my broadcasting career with a very solid ground-floor approach. I chose OCB because of the school’s hands-on education taught by working industry professionals instead of fulltime teachers.


Glass Media, Cleveland, Ohio
Producer and Audio Engineer After proving my abilities as an engineer and producer, I have been hired by Glass Media International for many projects. These projects include a national promotion for Atlantic Records, on air audio production for the US Government led Middle-Eastern radio project Radio SAWA.
Owner and Head Engineer Gold Dragon Studios, Austin, Texas
I run a small, powerful recording studio working with talented, local artists.

GameDay Battle Sports Webshow
We are currently on a break from the show while I focus on my two new kids. Once William and Juliet are a little more independent, we will be back with a new format and the introduction of a new GDB podcast.


“How We Got Here” Modern Day History Podcast
I am in the very early stages of production of a new podcast series that will focus on how everything that affects our lives; from huge subjects like each of the conflicts in the Middle East all the way down to the small, but facinating story of why we don’t say “Thee” and Thou” anymore. This podcast and accompanying website will, hopefully, be released sometime early in 2016.

Featured Work

Here are a few samples from and links to my pages.

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