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Hello! I am a happily married guy with three small kids. I love to code (detail here), write about coding (blog here), play guitar, hike, bike and study the stars. My wife, Diana, and I have been married since 2011 and live in a century home in Lakewood, Ohio. You can see our cute, yet crazy, kids featured in the photos at the bottom of the page. 

This is us looking fancy:
Mike Glass' family photo

I do not get to take many hiking trips these days, but I have enjoyed my trips to the Smoky Mountains for multiple days of hiking, camping and being terrified of those massive cliffs. I don't like the heights, but they are worth it for views like this:
Smoky MOuntain Peaks.
Or this:

Oh, and then there is that huge night sky at the top of the mountains:

Much of my free time is spent trying to expand my coding knowledge and skillset. I get into creating small web projects (see some here) or taking classes through Udemy.com. I am pretty goal-driven, so I made a study plan tool to help me keep track of what I am doing and define my direction. The tool is centered around one main goal, which is broken into a few smaller goals, which are then each broken into a few smaller goals. Then, anything I plan to do, like a course or project, gets assigned directly to a goal. At any point I can open that tool up and see exactly where I am in meeting the smaller goals. I only think about the larger goals a few times a year when I am reviewing. Otherwise, I look to what my next course or project is and roll with that. 

Check out my study plan tool here to see what I am describing above. I intend on turning this into a larger tool for public use at some point. It has helped me and I think there are others who could benefit. The trick is to set aside enough time to go through the testing and tweaking that it would take to make it public-ready. As with anything, it will happen in good time.

Mike's Les Paul guitarIn addition to the above, I play acoustic and electric guitar, bass, limited keys and write and record music in my small studio. My favorite guitar is my silver Les Paul. It is my fav because it is a sweet guitar, for sure, but there is more: it is also an engagement gift from Diana before we got married. That makes it sound even better. 🙂

Oh, and if you couldn't tell by all of the photos here, I love photography, (see some of that here).

As for music I get into, all types fill my iPhone; from Trance(Armin Van Buuren, Orjan Nilson, etc) to Classical (Vivaldi, YoYo Ma, etc) to Metal (Tool, Metallica) to Jazz (Louis Armstrong, Thelonious Monk) and Alternative (Dave Matthews, Stone Temple Pilots). More recently, I have been getting into just about anything upright bassist Edgar Myers does, which is a lot of Blue Grass and Classical. Chris Thile and Stuart Duncan are two more Blue Grass players that have been in fairly constant rotation for me recently.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me for anything.

Here is more of a look at my Diana, William, Juliet and Vaughn. William and Juliet are twins and the two big kids here. Vaugh is the little one with the huge personality. 🙂


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