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From original video and music to production audio and other creative endeavors, the studio page has it all.

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These pages house more serious photos. These include surreal and artistic images.

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A little 411 on my family, motivations skills and directon.

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Why “GlassInteractive”?

Simple answer: Cyber dust, dog pics and my dad.

To tie it all together: Since was taken by another Mike Glass who had the audacity to grab it first, I was left few desirable options. Possibly some odd mutilation of my name, perhaps, or my using my middle initial,, or even an alternate extension, like .net, were available. The odd name option just didn’t feel right and the middle initial and alternate extension options were knocked to the canvas with realization that some, perhaps many, would mistakingly still type in and end up only with the few pictures of his dogs the other MG has up on his site.

Glassinteractive was all my Dad’s idea. Years ago he had the forethought to know it could be wanted one day and told me to grab it. There it was collecting cyber dust and I was in need of a cool URL. Done!

 My Latest Blog Posts

From Observe & Opine and GameDay Battle

February 2 , 2017 / DarkMG73 / No Comments

Photo Gallery – Magic on Mt. LeConte in the Smoky Mountains

Backpacking Mt LeConte in the Smoky Mountains is a magical mix of physical demand, mental introspection and simple awe and wonder. Source: Photo Gallery – Magic on Mt. LeConte in the Smoky Mountains

April 25 , 2016 / DarkMG73 / No Comments

3 Ways the Browns Can Win this NFL Draft

There are ways to ruin an NFL Draft and ways to win it. Here are 3 important strategies for the Browns to OWN this draft and those to come. Continue reading at: 3 Ways the Browns Can Win this NFL Draft

February 8 , 2016 / DarkMG73 / No Comments

Cuba’s Castro Family: Brutal or Benevolent?

Author: Mike Glass   Part 1 “Benevolent Uprising”   As our president tries to open the large and powerful arms of this country to embrace the Castro family and the Cuban dictatorship, those of us seeking the best path, even if a new path, crave a fair, open and realistic

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